EV Relay Appication



EV Relay Application


Characteristics of YM Tech EV Relay

  • 1Less noise during operation
  • 2Various voltage of coil
    (DC 12~220VDC)
  • 3Built-in auxiliary contacts
  • 4PMW energy-saving devices(economizer)
  • 5DC1500V High Voltage EV Relay
  • 6DC Bidirectional Switching Relay

Arc Cutoff Mechanism

01Power to relay is ON

02The very high temperature electric arc is occurred between fixed contact and the moving contact when the fixed contact and the moving contact is separated. Because switching device block the large current

03DC arc moved to the edge by using a special permanent magnet

04Arc, once arisen, will be speedily blocked by insulation devices on the wall and nitrogen gas. YM Tech’s unique insulation materials and technologies have secured electric lifespan which is much longer than that of other companies.

EV Relay Application

YM Tech’s EV Relay consists of various current rating such as DC 450 Voltage class 10 Ampere, 30 Ampere, 50 Ampere, 100 Ampere, 150 Ampere, 250 Ampere, 400 Ampere, 600 Ampere. EVR10 and EVR30 Relay are used for pre-charge devices, EVR50 Relay is used to the heating system in the electric vehicles. EVR100 and EVR150 Relay are used as the main Relay of electric hybrid vehicles, and EVR250, EVR400 and EVR600 Relay are used as the main relay of electric buses, pure electric vehicles. EVR50 ~ EVR400 Relay is used for DC750V for the rapidity charging systems.

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